Product Function

Enhanced breathability made possible with generous usage of mesh parts

Made out of the suggestion / wish / opinion from the nurses

Out of opinion from the perspective of nurses whose feet are exploited due to everyday hardwork and excessive movement in the hospitals, we are proud to present the newly-designed “La Feet Nurse”. Utilizes the technology and same principles in the original La Feet lineup series, improving more in terms of breathability while using the newly-developed insoles. Based on the “white” image requirement to be used inside the health institutions such as hospitals.


Cushion performance greatly improved!

We would like to invite those who currently enjoys their LaFeet sneakers to try on our newly-developed air foam insole. Top-notch absorption to protect your feet from impact, reducing pressure and stress on the feet.


Appropriate form for preventing Hallux Valgus

Due to the split-toe form of the shoes, the deformity of the toes is suppressed. When you wear a La Feet pair of shoes, the toes are empowered to function independently and move freely, making you feel the push the ground and gripping power of the toes which allows a natural form of movement of the feet resulting to a achieving a “healthy walk” .

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To those who are on a pilgrim

To those pilgrims walking for many hours, Lafeet shoes' innate functions are perfect. Matches the all-white outfits in completing the 88 points of pilgrimmage with ease .Please avoid the use of bleaching products in cleaning the shoes, it might cause unexpected color discoloration.

※Do not use bleach detergents as they may discolor.

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