Function Introduction


Cushion Performance Upgraded

We would like to invite those who currently enjoys their LaFeet sneakers to try on our newly-developed air foam insole. Top-notch absorption to protect your feet from impact, reducing pressure and stress on the feet.


Supporting “Ease of Walking” even more better

Newly-developed rubber parts utilized in the heels. High quality rubber serves as spring giving more “kicking power” off the ground to help propel movement with much more ease and comfort.


Minimized weight

Each side weighs from 205 g (22.5 cm size), unbelievably leather in terms of final weight achieved.


Appropriate form for preventing Hallux Valgus

Due to the split-toe form of the shoes, the deformity of the toes is suppressed. When you wear a La Feet pair of shoes, the toes are empowered to function independently and move freely, making you feel the push the ground and gripping power of the toes which allows a natural form of movement of the feet resulting to a achieving a “healthy walk” .

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Newly-developed Leather

Unbelievable softness and light-weight in combination with leather. Use after use will give the leather added “aji” or “aging flavor”, as you get used to it, the leather will also adapt to your feet with time.   TEL:+8186-428-0197