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Are you not concerned about having bunions (Hallux Valgus) or anything about finding the perfect shoe fit?


Feeling pain on toes' joints, wants to prevent the development of these painful “bunions”
Bunions being so much painful that walking has been a difficult ordeal...
Prevention of such starts with the proper choice and selection of the shoes. For that reason, split-toe type is highly recommend, if not, the best possible preventive foot wear around as it acts like a “brace” to keep your toes in place.



About Hallux Valgu

We have asked a professional orthopedic doctor regarding Hallux Valgus and the split-toe La Feet Shoes line-up.

In the presence of Hallux Valgus, the toes are kind of twisted and mis-aligned at such an angle which makes this ailment painful.When the affected toes or portion is forced into normal shoes or when it hits the shoes (not having enough allowance for it to move), it where the pain is felt and starts to show.Walking becomes difficult and its influence is starting to be felt.It is initially affecting the person's walk, posture and balance which means one becomes unhealthy overall. As when one can not walk properly due to the pain felt on the toes / feet - uneasiness and discomfort is felt - the normal and healthy life is starting to get compromised just because of the pain.If left like this for long, there comes a time when the toes is going to affect and compromised the health and condition of 2nd finger next to it, affecting its function and probably would lead to additional discomfort and pain as well to the bearer of this disease.

This ailment or disease is largely present among women and who represent 90% of the patients as widely known.One of the main reasons thought of and hypothesized is the fact that women use and wear high-heels which is giving extra pressure on the feet, especially the toes.In the west, it is a popular ailment since most people wear shoes and heels.Surgery is the most common solution but in Japan, the and history and culture of wearing shoes is very shallow, thus, the interest and awareness about this ailment or condition is very low as well.Preventive information is also very limited and few around.

In theory, if we prevent the further worsening of the structure of the feet or toes and reduce the amount of pressure on the joints becoming alterrated, pain must be also minimized. If it is not a serious condition yet, proper bracing, training and exercise or even stretching to the opposite direction would generally improve the condition preventing it to worsen in the process. Prevention is really the best cure even in this case.As for the medium to serious level of development wherein pain is a large factor already, a surgery is recommended to once and for all solve the root cause of the problem.In that case, it is better to visit a specialist or doctor and have it checked up. In these past years, surgery has become popular specially for serious cases where pain is almost present in every movement.



In order to prevent it, one must be aware of one's feet condition by carefully taking a look and assessment of the toes and by properly choosing the right shoes which means having some allowance and having structural support enough not to worsen the condition but at the same not entirely putting pressure on the affected joints.But in reality, most women generally choose being fashionable, thus, preferring sexy and lady-like heels over these type of preventive shoes. The key here would be to have a carefully “on” and “off” schedule where one can rest the feet and one is not wearing heels and what type of shoes is being worn during the “off” rest times.What is important is how to face the condition when it is already present and having the proper knowledge on how to prevent it from developing further. One of the best, if not the best, preventive solution is by wearing these “tabi-gata” or “split-type” of shoes during the “off” resting periods when one is not wearing heels or by wearing it as much as possible for those who show some light to mild condition of the bunions.


外反母趾靴の二人の写真Due to the split-toe form of the shoes, the deformity of the toes is suppressed. When you wear a La Feet pair of shoes, the toes are empowered to function independently and move freely, making you feel the push the ground and gripping power of the toes which allows a natural form of movement of the feet resulting to a achieving a “healthy walk” .

Watch the Explanatory Movie here

ust because of wearing these shoes, you can expect that it will cure or stop the pain of the existing bunions all at once.You can expect some sort of relief which comes from a more steady and “natural form” of walk and expect to prevent the further development of the Hallux Valgus.This series of shoes is best recommended to those experiencing low to mild bunion development who wish to enjoy walking.


We have been receiving tons of appreciate messages and emails from clients who are enjoying wearing our line of shoes and we are going to share a few of them here:

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I have been pestered with my bunions for so long. As I stand a lot during work, my knees and lumbar have been also affected.
When I have been going to my usual massage therapy, I have discovered this shoes.
At first, I was not used to the unusual feeling of having that “split-toe” effect, however as time passed by, it felt normal and now it seems to be ordinarily the right and proper form as the feet and toes should be. I never felt healthier than ever.
Right now, I am not bothered by my long periods of standing during work. I also enjoy walking 2 times  a week now.
“F”  Female


I bought Lafeet from Rakuten these past days. I have been bothered with bunions since I was in elementary school and no matter what type of shoes I have bought, the pain was never relieved nor gone.
I have tried various equipment available out there and as much as possible try to wear sneakers most of the time, however, there was not so much improvement at all.
The past day, by chance, I came upon knowing LaFeet on the net and bought it once in a heart beat!
And that was perfect, no regrets at all.
I stand all day in work, even with this condition, I don't feel any nuisance or pain anymore and my legs and feet's swollenness has been greatly relieved as well.
Up until now, I have been battling with the pain and it has been stressful but after switching to LaFeet, the pain has been gone!
In order to lose the pain of my bunions, all the while I thought that surgery is the only way or method to solve this problem and that is why I am really really grateful to LaFeet for this miracle feeling I have right now.
I also bought a pair for my friend the other day.
From now on, please continue on making and producing shoes that will win over bunions!
K    Female