Company Profile

  Company name:Okamoto Seiko Kabushiki Gaisha
  Representative:Okamoto Shinji
  Head office address:Okayama prefecture Kurashiki-shi Chayamachi 1988-12
  Capital:10 million yen
  number of employees:28 people(As of September 2014 / including parts)

History Timeline   
Showa 25th April  Established in Chayamachi, Kurashiki City a Leather Shoes Manufacturing Shop
Showa 36th       Started making Golf Shoes as a subcontractor.
Showa 39th June  Changed from a Private Business to incorporate and established Okamoto Seiko Kabushiki Gaisha.
Chairman Okamoto Sanjuro inagurated Golf Shoes Manufacturing Association.
Showa 57th April  Okamoto Sanjuro stepped down as Chairman of the Board and appointed Okamoto Shinji as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Heisei era February  Moved the Main Office to the current manufacturing base.  
Heisei 3  Added capital to amount 10 Million Yen.
Heisei14      Began manufacturing Baseball Shoes.      
Heisei16 March  Started selling Walking Shoes.
Heisei20 March  Launched the Tabi-gata Valtain X Shoes series.
Heisei20 年 Juiy  Started manufacturing and selling of the LAFEET lineup of walking shoes.