Company Profile

Company name:Okamoto Seiko Kabushiki Gaisha

Representative:Okamoto Yoichi

Head office address:Okayama prefecture Kurashiki-shi Chayamachi 1988-12


Capital:10 million yen

Number of employees:28 people(As of September 2014 / including parts)

History Timeline

Showa25th April-Established in Chayamachi, Kurashiki City a Leather Shoes Manufacturing Shop
Showa36th-Started making Golf Shoes as a subcontractor.
Showa39th June-Changed from a Private Business to incorporate and established Okamoto Seiko Kabushiki Gaisha. Chairman Okamoto Sanjuro inagurated Golf Shoes Manufacturing Association.
Showa57th April-Okamoto Sanjuro stepped down as Chairman of the Board and appointed Okamoto Shinji as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Heisei era February-Moved the Main Office to the current manufacturing base.  
Heisei3-Added capital to amount 10 Million Yen.
Heisei14-Began manufacturing Baseball Shoes.      
Heisei16March-Started selling Walking Shoes.
Heisei20March-Launched the Tabi-gata Valtain X Shoes series.
Heisei20Juiy-Started manufacturing and selling of the LAFEET lineup of walking shoes.


岡山県倉敷市茶屋町1988-12 [MAP]


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